88mph - MPH Aviation GIS

MPH Aviation GIS uses a proprietary, digital mapping tool called "88mph” in its automation of airport survey and mapping data.

88mph is a sophisticated software platform made simple.It was designed to capture and manage data seamlessly and accurately, like all GIS packages, but its distinguishing feature is its user-interface.

Designed by users for users, 88mph is the ideal tool for any member of your airport management team, with no specialized IT knowledge required.Although the system’s infrastructure is highly sophisticated, the user is always presented with a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates quick and effective data uploads, reporting and edits.

This focus on the user is what sets MPH Aviation GIS apart in the airport technology market.88mph is designed for plug-and-play implementation, with immediate application in daily condition assessments and airfield maintenance tracking, and long-term automation of your airport layout plan and inspection protocols associated with FAA, DOT and DOD compliance checks.



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