GIS for Pipelines
Geographic Information Systems for Pipelines

With applications for the oil and gas industries, municipalities and private industry, the MPH GIS Group has taken the ancient art of mapping into the 21st century. By combining computerized mapping with database technology, GIS provides users with critical demographic, statistical and geographic information which standard maps simply cannot provide.

For the oil and gas pipeline industry, MPH's provides a variety of GIS services that include:

    • HCA Analysis/Class Location Determination
    • Structure/Identified Site Capture/Validation
  • Preliminary Route Analysis
  • Field Data Collection (FDC)
  • As-Built
    • GIS Delivery as well as AutoCAD
    • DB loading for GIS
  • Web Portal
    • Data Delivery
    • As-Built Data Review in-progress for Construction
    • Web Viewer for Data Capture

  • ArcGIS Server
    • Geoprocessing Task

  • Database
    • Data review/update/validate

In the office, MPH has the expertise and technology to conduct high end pipeline analysis. In the field, MPH has the experience and proven safety record to collect important pipeline data. We have conducted Field Data Collection projects throughout the continental United States.

MPH is a member of the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Organization and the Geospatial Information Technology Association.

In addition to our geographic information systems (GIS) services, MPH also offers hydrographic surveying, land surveying, environmental & regulatory services, pipeline engineering, and construction project management services.



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