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Land Surveying

Pipeline and Utility Surveying

MPH has surveyed and mapped thousands of miles of pipeline and power line routes across upland, dry land, swamp, marsh, mountainous, desert and shallow water terrain. MPH utilizes state-of-the-art GPS and conventional surveying equipment to conduct pre-construction route centerline topographic surveys, construction layout, and post-construction as-built and high order control surveys.

As-built surveying services include:

  • Collecting and recording pipe tally measurement data during construction, including measurements of cut-off sections of pipe.
  • Collecting and recording heat, weld, and joint numbers for each joint of pipe.
  • Surveying and recording the horizontal and vertical (depth of cover) as-built location of each weld along the pipeline alignment.
  • Surveying and recording the locations of valves, fitting, meter runs, pig launchers/receivers and other facilities.
  • Surveying and recording the location of the as-built pipeline relative to highways, railroads, canal, ditches, pipelines and utility crossings.

Navigable Waterway Inspection Surveys

MPH provides for bathymetric (hydrographic, side scan sonar, magnetometer) survey services for navigable waterway locations including the survey of the horizontal and vertical position of pipelines accurately determine the position and depth of cover as required by the US Department of Transportation. Survey procedures include the use of marine magnetometers and probing to determine the depth of cover, side scan sonar to located exposed pipe, and single-beam or multi-beam hydrographic surveys to accurately map the waterway bottom conditions. Plan and profile drawings are prepared indicating the results of the field survey.

Well Location and Facility Surveying

MPH provides surveying and mapping services necessary for oil and gas wells and facility locations on land, marsh, swamp, and inland shallow water terrains. MPH is experienced with access route and site location topographic based surveying and mapping operations required to facilitate the acquisition of land rights and environmental/regulatory permits. Other exploration and production services include unitization, flow line and production facilities surveys.

Construction Surveying

MPH's construction layout survey services can provide for subdivision, utility, road, bridge, oil/gas/chemical plant, pipeline route, and pipeline facility construction layout and staking to ensure that the facilities are constructed and installed in accordance with the approved engineering design plans.

Boundary/ALTA Surveys

MPH can provide residential, commercial and industrial property surveys in compliance with the individual State's Minimum Standards and the current standards established by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).


MPH's mapping department utilizes the latest versions of Autodesk Civil 3D mapping software, Trimble Business Center mapping software, and ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to prepare all project drawings & exhibits including construction alignment, right-of-way, regulatory permitting, topography, facility, high consequence area, and other related CADD and GIS drawings.

One-Call Services

MPH handles one-call services for many of our pipeline clients in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. In most cases, One-Calls are transmitted to MPH via the client; in other cases, MPH receives the One-Call ticket directly from the Texas or Louisiana One-Call Center. In either case, MPH evaluates the ticket to determine if there is an impact to the particular pipeline(s) adjacent to the work site, and, if so, mobilizes field personnel to mark the subject pipeline. Following the field services, a report is prepared and submitted to the client identifying the results of the survey.

In addition to our land surveying services, MPH also offers hydrographic surveying services, environmental & regulatory services, geographic information systems (GIS), pipeline engineering, and construction project management services.


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