Environmental Services The MPH Environmental Services Group (MPHESG) is focused on providing our clients with the knowledge and personnel necessary to achieve their project goals.
Geographic Information Systems For the oil and gas pipeline industry, MPH's provides a variety of GIS services such as drafting and mapping.
Hydrographic Surveying MPH has been conducting hydrographic surveys for as long as the company has been in existence; however, by today’s standards, the older methods of conducting these surveys could be considered antiquated. Before the advent of electronic surveying equipment including electronic distance meters, GPS and echosounders (water depth recorders), shallow water depths were measured with sounding
poles or lengths of ropes.
Land Surveying
MPH has extensive experience conducting surveys to determine the position (horizontal and vertical) of existing natural features (ground elevations, bodies of water, vegetation, etc.) and constructed features (roads, pipelines, buildings, etc.) within the project area. Let our land service experience work for you!
Pipeline Engineering and Design Support Services
MPH is experienced in onshore, marsh, swamp, and shallow-water single and multiple pipeline installation projects ranging in size from 2-Inch to 48-Inch diameter for gas and liquid pipeline services. 
Project Management MPH has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to take your project from conception to completion.



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