E.C. “Gene” Durand
Vice President of Houston Operations

Eugene “Gene” Durand is Morris P. Hebert, Inc. Vice President Houston Operations.

Mr. Durand joined MPH in 1998. Mr. Durand is responsible for business development, management of surveying, engineering, and design mapping services for the MPH Houston operations. Mr. Durand has 35 years’ experience with the engineering, design, and construction of onshore, near shore, and offshore pipelines and related facilities. He has a thorough working knowledge of CFR Title 49, Part 192 and 195, and pipeline industry design and construction installation methods.

Having completed hundreds of miles of pipelines in the past three decades, he has a comprehensive understanding of pipeline project development, engineering, design, construction management, QA/QC operations, survey and mapping operation, regulatory affairs, and right-of-way requirements. Mr. Durand has served as Project Manager – Project Coordinator on numerous pipeline projects throughout the USA.